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Basic parameter knowledge of filter element

Aug 09, 2023
Precision is an important standard of stainless steel folding filter element, which determines whether it can achieve its purpose. When the filter element structure is complete enough, precision depends on the filter material precision.

The amount of contamination is the amount of pollutants that can be contained. The filter element can intercept pollutants, but it can not be directly removed from the system. Pollutants can only be left inside the filter element, the pollutant capacity of the filter element is equal to the product of the pollutant capacity per unit area and the filter area, and it is related to the pressure difference of the actual use and operation of the filter element.

The strength is judged by fluid pressure strength, axial load strength and fatigue strength. Fluid pressure strength refers to the amount of fluid that can withstand a pressure drop at work, usually no greater than the internal leak test pressure. Axial load strength refers to the acceptance of normal assembly and disassembly caused by the force will not make the filter deformation. The fatigue strength refers to the work, the impact of filter, vibration, flow pulse and other effects of fatigue resistance. Its strength is mainly by the stainless steel folding filter core skeleton to ensure, the pure folding filter core itself almost no strength, generally need stainless steel skeleton support to increase strength. When the filter element with enough strength is used, it can be guaranteed not to be deformed, not to be damaged and not to come off the filter material.

The stainless steel folding filter element is widely used in environmental protection, petroleum, chemical industry, medical treatment and high temperature gas filtration because of its characteristics as mentioned above, scientific research, metallurgy, food, machinery and other industries.
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