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The method that maintains hydraulic pressure oil filter element has what

Aug 09, 2023
1, before changing, first let go of the original hydraulic oil, check back oil filter, oil suction filter, pilot filter, see if there are iron filings copper or other impurities, if there may be hydraulic components failure, after repair removal, cleaning system.

2, when changing hydraulic oil must replace all hydraulic oil filter (return oil filter, oil suction filter, pilot filter) , otherwise equivalent to no change.

3, distinguish the hydraulic oil label, different labels, different brands of hydraulic oil is not mixed, may react with deterioration resulting in FLOC. It is recommended that the excavator be used to specify the oil.

4, before refueling must be installed on the oil-absorbing filter, oil-absorbing filter covered by the mouth of the pipe directly to the main pump, into the impurities will accelerate the main pump wear, heavy pump.

5, refueling to the standard position, the hydraulic tank is generally there are oil level table, look at the level table. Pay attention to parking mode, generally all cylinders are all retracted, that is, forearm, bucket fully extended and landing.

6, after refueling attention to the main pump to exhaust air, otherwise light temporarily no action, the main pump abnormal sound (air sonic boom) , heavy cavitation damage the main pump. The method of exhausting air is to loosen the pipe joint directly on the top of the main pump and then fill it directly.
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