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Advantages and characteristics of sintered filter elements

Apr 26, 2024

The main filter material of sintered mesh filter adopts standard five-layer sintered mesh. The standard five-layer sintered mesh is made of five layers of stainless steel wire mesh superimposed and vacuum sintered. The filter element made of it has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, good permeability, high strength, easy cleaning and back cleaning, accurate filtration accuracy, hygienic and clean filter material, and no shedding of the wire mesh.

Main connection methods: standard interface (222, 226, 220) fast interface connection, threaded connection, flange connection, tie rod connection, special customized interface.

The sintered mesh filter element is also called the mesh sintered filter element. It is formed by high-pressure high-temperature firing of five to multi-layer stainless steel with different meshes. The stainless steel sintered filter element generally adopts high-precision welding process, which has stable filtration accuracy and high strength and rigidity. At the same time, because its filtration mechanism is surface filtration, and the mesh channel is smooth, the sintered stainless steel mesh filter element has excellent backwash regeneration performance and can be used repeatedly for a long time.

Materials and advantages of sintered mesh filter element:

The sintered mesh filter element is made of 316L powder particle raw material or multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh composite sintered at high temperature. The filter element made of it has strong corrosion resistance, good permeability, high strength, easy cleaning and anti-cleaning, filtration accuracy, The filter material is hygienic and clean, and the screen does not fall off. Widely used in environmental protection, petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, environmental detection, instrumentation, pharmaceutical equipment and other fields.

Sintered mesh filter element has excellent long-term stability, high strength and long life. It adopts a special multi-dimensional honeycomb capillary structure, which has excellent separation and noise reduction functions. It is widely used in the filtration, separation and purification of air, gas, solid and oil liquid, noise reduction, sound elimination, dust isolation and dust prevention. Especially in harsh environments such as acid, alkali, corrosion, high temperature and high pressure, it performs well.

The stainless steel filter element is a kind of filter element, and Daguang Purification is a manufacturer of stainless steel filter elements in Xinxiang area.

The following introduces the working principle of the stainless steel filter element:

The stainless steel filter element adopts high-strength wedge-shaped filter net, and the filter element is automatically cleaned by pressure difference control and timing control. When the impurity in the filter element accumulates on the surface of the filter element and causes the inlet and outlet pressure difference to increase to the set value, or when the timer reaches the preset time, the electric control box sends out a signal to drive the backwashing mechanism. When the backwashing suction cup of the stainless steel filter element is facing the inlet of the filter element, the drain valve is opened. At this time, the system releases pressure and drains water. A negative pressure zone with a relative pressure lower than the water pressure outside the filter element appears on the inner side of the suction cup and the filter element, forcing part of the net circulating water to flow from the filter element. The outer side of the filter element flows into the inner side of the filter element, and the impurity particles adsorbed on the inner wall of the filter element flow into the pan with the water and are discharged from the drain valve.

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