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Working Principle of Precision Filter Housing

May 24, 2024
Precision filter is a kind of high-efficiency filtration equipment. Its working principle is based on multiple mechanisms such as screening, interception, adsorption and retention. Through these mechanisms, precision filters can effectively remove tiny particles and impurities, ensuring the purity and purification requirements of fluids.

1. Screening effect: The filter element of a precision filter is usually made of fibrous or membrane-like materials and has a certain pore size. When the fluid passes through the filter element, larger particles and impurities will be blocked by the pores on the filter element, thereby achieving a preliminary screening effect.

2. Intercepting effect: In addition to screening, the surface and pores of the filter element will also have a certain ability to intercept particles and impurities. Especially for smaller particles and microorganisms, the filter element can intercept them on the surface of the filter element through surface interaction.

3. Adsorption: The filter element material of precision filter usually has a certain adsorption capacity. Some filter elements made of special materials can absorb harmful substances in the fluid through electrostatic interaction or chemical adsorption, thereby achieving the removal of organic matter, bacteria, etc.

4. Retention effect: The precision filter forms complex circulation channels inside the filter element. Through these channels, the fluid rotates and changes direction multiple times inside the filter element, increasing the contact opportunities between particles and the filter element, thus improving the interception effect.

5. Surface filtration and depth filtration: Precision filters can perform both surface filtration and depth filtration. Surface filtration means that particles are only intercepted on the surface of the filter element, while depth filtration means that particles can penetrate the filter element to a certain depth and are intercepted by the pores inside the filter element. Depth filtration increases the volume and retention capacity of the filter.

In general, the working principle of precision filters is to effectively remove tiny particles and impurities in the fluid through various mechanisms such as screening, interception, adsorption and retention of the filter element. Filter elements of different materials and structures will produce different filtration effects. Therefore, when selecting a precision filter, you need to select the appropriate filter according to the specific filtration requirements and application scenarios.
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