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How to improve the efficiency of panel air filter?

Jan 18, 2024
Panel air filters generally consist of an outer frame and filter material. The filter material is folded to increase the filtration area and improve the filtration effect. However, in actual use, we found that many customers do not use panel air filters well, resulting in some problems. Some waste. If the panel air filter can be used rationally, it will definitely improve production efficiency and reduce costs. So how to improve usage efficiency?

1. Pay attention to the precautions for using panel air filters:

When many people use panel air filters, they will find that the performance should be very high under normal theory, but in actual use, they find that the efficiency of the panel air filter is not very high. Why is this? It could be that the panel filter is installed incorrectly or that the filter is used incorrectly, which affects the overall performance of the equipment.

Before installing the panel air filter, it is recommended that you read the air filter installation instructions carefully to ensure that you will not make any mistakes during the installation process, causing the equipment to fail to be installed, or not being careful enough to cause damage to the equipment's outer casing or internal parts. damage. When using a panel air filter, you need to understand what operations cannot be done, how to correctly formulate a filtration work plan, etc., and try to continuously improve the use efficiency of the panel air filter while ensuring that there are no problems with the quality of the equipment. .

2. Carry out cleaning, maintenance and repair of panel air filter

If you want to improve the efficiency of the panel air filter, you need to do a good job in cleaning, maintenance and repair. After all, after using the equipment for a long time, whether it is the wear and tear of filter parts, or the adhesion and erosion of dust, stains, and pollutants, , will affect the efficiency of use.

It is recommended that you check the equipment regularly to clarify the wear and tear of internal parts of the equipment, check the accumulation of stains, pollutants, and impurities inside the equipment, and then formulate corresponding cleaning and maintenance plans. You should also pay attention to some things during the cleaning and maintenance process. Basic precautions to avoid damage to the panel air filter.
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