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Common dust removal equipment

Oct 18, 2023
1. Bag dust collector:

working principle:
It is a dry dust removal equipment that uses dust bags to collect industrial dust and fiber particles, and separates the dust from the air through filtration to achieve the effect of purifying the air.

Before running the bag dust collector, you should pay attention to the cleaning cycle and cleaning time. You should also pay attention to whether there is condensation in the bag room and whether the ash discharge system is blocked. If the dust accumulation is serious, it will affect the production of the host.

2. Cartridge dust collector:

Equipment composition:
The bag dust collector consists of an upper box, air inlet and outlet, dust cleaning device, ash hopper, filter cartridge, air flow distribution plate and electronic control device (pulse control device). It is equipped with soft connections, discharge valves and mobile ash receiving trolleys. and other equipment.

working principle:
When the dust enters the dust collector, driven by the air flow, some large particles of dust are blocked by the filter and cannot pass through the filter material. The filtered air is finally discharged from the fan. This kind of high-efficiency dust removal equipment has low investment and maintenance costs, and has a wide range of applications.

3. Mobile dust removal equipment:

working principle:
After the dust-containing gas enters the equipment, it undergoes two-stage filtration. Large particles of dust settle in the dust collection box due to gravity and inertia; while finer and lighter dust is retained on the bag wall, and the purified clean air passes through The centrifugal force is sent back to the workshop to reduce heat loss.

Advantages and applications:
It has a good dust removal effect on cement, metal dust, plastics and carbon powder, and is small in size, compact, flexible and convenient. After inhaling dust particles, the larger ones will be filtered and retained. After effective purification, the gas will also be Can be recycled indoors repeatedly.
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