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Spa Filter
Pool spa filter
Swimming Pool Water Filter
multi-fold spa filter
replace pool filter
Spa Filter
Pool spa filter
Swimming Pool Water Filter
multi-fold spa filter
replace pool filter

Swimming pool filter 75*228*502

5-40″ (Various sizes can be customized)
Filter medium:
polyester,non-woven fabrics
Adjustable flange:
Polypropylene (PP),PU
Product Description
Swimming pool & fountain filter is also called multi-fold filter, which can be used for family swimming pools, large acrylic swimming pools, and can also be used for swimming pools in baby swimming pools, kindergartens, SPA hydrotherapy institutions, etc. It can filter out various impurities, colloids, rust, sand, insects and eggs, moss, algae, etc., keep the swimming pool and fountain clean and effectively protect your health.
Technical Parameters
Outside Diameter 4-1/4"
Length   8"(Various sizes can be customized)
Filter medium Pleated PP, Polyester fiber cloth,nonwovens
Function Fits pumps with both Type A and Type C filters.
Support/Drainage and End caps PP,PU
Seal Material Silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, EPDM, fluorine rubber  
Removal Rating 1,5, 10, 20,30,40,50µm 
Maximum Operating Temperature 80°C
Maximum Differential Pressure 4.0Bar

Pleated design maximizes dirt-holding filtration area
Low pressure differ,high flow and long service life
Washable and reusable,save cost
Filter media,center core,end caps are glued together as a whole part to ensure the end cover sealing better

1. The swimming pool and fountain filter elements are made of polyester fiber cloth filter material, which is durable, has good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, and is not affected by strong acids and alkalis;
2. Filter impurities, reduce residual chlorine and reduce harm;
3. Folding design, enlarged filter area, the end cap is injection molding, high strength, thickened filter membrane, stronger dirt absorption capacity;
4. The filter material, center rod and end cover are glued together as a whole to ensure better sealing of the end cover.
5. Low pressure difference, large flux, prolong service life, can be cleaned and used repeatedly, reducing cost.
6. There is also a healthy antibacterial version of the swimming pool filter element, which contains antibacterial particles, which can effectively control the reproduction of bacteria in the swimming pool.
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