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hepa filter with paper separators
Deep Pleated HEPA filter
h13 h14 filter
paper spacer filters
hepa filter with paper separators
Deep Pleated HEPA filter
h13 h14 filter
paper spacer filters

hepa filter with paper separators

Card paper, galvanized sheet, aluminium, medium density fiberboard, stainless steel etc.
Filter media:
Import filter paper, fiberglass, activated carbon composite material, Ultrafine polypropylene material, etc.
Product Description
Traditional separator filters are the commonly-used filters in purifying engineering over half of the century. Although new filters keep on coming into the market, these filters are still not replaceable for many projects due to their characteristics such as cheap, temperature-resistant and shock-resistant.
Deep Pleated HEPA filter media usually made of superfine fiber glass, which separated with paper or aluminum foil, frame can be heat resistant and made of wood, aluminum alloy, steel or stainless steel.It is mainly used for hospital, electronics, food, precision machinery, semiconductor production etc because of heat resistance.A big plus for aluminum spacers: they can offer conductivity against electrostatics and thus may contribute to the safety in ex protected applications.

Name:hepa filter with separators
Frame:Galvanized steel,Mediun density fiberboard,Aluminum
Separators:Aluminum foil,card papaer
Humidity: with aluminum seaprators ≤99%
                 with card paper sraprators  ≤85%
Application: Apply for the prefiltration of air conditioning and ventilatilation system, general the second stage of air purification system is air filtration and the air purification of clean room, high temperature environment, specially for the needs high efficiency air filters coverage of the purification plant.

Used in electron, metallurgy, instrument and meter, chemical industry, spinning industry,  food, tobacco, light industrial and other fields.

Dimensions(mm) Filter area(㎡) Rated Air Flow (m3/h)
Recommended air volume(m3/h)
 Initial pressure(Pa)
610x610x150 8.4 850 500-1000 230
305x610x150 234.1 425 250-500 230
915x610x150 12.6 1275 750-1400 230
1219x610x150 16.8 1700 1000-1900 230
610x610x292 17 1700 1000-1900 240
305x610x292 8.5 850 500-900 240
915x610x292 25.5 2550 1500-2800 235
1219x610x292 34 3400 2000-3800 235
610x610x292/3 24.9 1700 1500-3000 190
305x610x292/3 12.5 850 750-1500 195
320x320x220 5.3 425 300-425 235
484x484x220 11.8 1000 600-1000 230
726x848x220 17.7 1500 900-1500 225
968x484x220 23.6 2000 1200-2000 225
630x630x220 20.3 1500 1000-1500 220
315x630x220 10.2 750 500-750 220
945x630x220 30.6 2250 1500-2250 215
1260x630x220 40.8 3000 2000-3000 215
  If you can't find the filter you want, we can also customize it according to your requirements  
Good filtration performance, 2-200um filter particle size can play a uniform surface filtration performance.
Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance;
Malle filter hole uniform, accurate filtration accuracy;
Malle filter is suitable for all kinds of hydraulic environment;Can be used after cleaning, no replacement.

Efficiency comparison table
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