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What is the advantage of pulse cartridge dust collector?

Jul 14, 2023
1. Compared with the bag filter, the overall volume of the filter cartridge dust collector is smaller, and the floor space is small, which can effectively save space. For example, welding fume dust collectors can now be very small and mobile.

2. The dust removal of the filter cartridge dust collector is more convenient. You can choose to use ash buckets, ash trucks, screw discharge devices, etc., and the selection methods are more diverse.

3. The filter cartridge dust collector can adopt flexible box-type combined unit modules according to needs, which can meet different working conditions and different site installation requirements.

4. Cartridge dust collector is a new type of dust collector equipment developed in recent years. Nowadays, most of them adopt imported PLC control and adjustable pulse blowback method, which has better effect.

5. The filter element of the filter cartridge dust collector can be placed in various ways such as horizontal placement, vertical insertion type, and oblique insertion type, which is more convenient for operation and maintenance.

6. The filter cartridge dust collector has high dust removal and purification efficiency. This point has obvious advantages in practical application, and has a purification efficiency of more than 99% for dust with a particle size of more than one micron.

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