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A one-day product knowledge training of Topep filter

Apr 07, 2021
In order to improve the professional knowledge level of all sales staff, promote the development of the company, and build an efficient team, the company organized employees to conduct a one-day product knowledge training.

This training was taught by the chief technical consultant and general manager, it mainly explained the working principle, product material and structure of the company's core product-the filter element. The training content involves product research and development, main features, application scope, and comparison of advantages and disadvantages with other products in the industry, and explains in detail the working filtration process of the filter element.

Through this training, everyone has a more in-depth understanding of the relevant knowledge of the filter element, not only mastered the theoretical knowledge, but also watched the actual demonstration of the product, achieved a better results. In the future, the company will also organize and arrange relevant product knowledge training from time to time so that employees can better provide customers with products and services.
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