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Pulse cartridge dust collector
Pulse cartridge dust collector
Pulse cartridge dust collector
Pulse cartridge dust collector
Pulse cartridge dust collector
Pulse cartridge dust collector
Pulse cartridge dust collector
Pulse cartridge dust collector
Pulse cartridge dust collector
Pulse cartridge dust collector

Pulse Cartridge Type Dust Collector

Air capacity (m²/h)
Wind speed (m/min)
More than 99.99%
Product Description
Pulse cartridge dust collector is an industrial filtration equipment with high dust separation function, suitable for capturing fine and dry non-fibrous dust, especially suitable for industries that generate large amounts of dust and other airborne particles. It can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of a large-scale dust removal system. Compared with traditional bag filter and cyclone dust collector, it has higher dust removal efficiency, smaller footprint, lower maintenance cost and longer service life.
Technical Parameters
Model CDHR3-12 CDHR4-16 CDHR4-48 CDHR4-64 CDHR4-80 CDHR4-112
No.of filter cartridge 12 16 48 64 80 112
Filter Cartridge specification φ350*660
Filtration Area (m2) 144 192 576 768 960 1344
Pulse Valve (pcs) 6 8 24 32 40 56
Wind Speed (m/min) 0.7~1.0
Air Capacity (m2/h) 6000~8600 8000~11500 24200~34500 32200~46000 40300~57600 56400~80600
Efficiency more than 99.99%
Filtration Resistance (pa) 500-1500
Demensions L 2159 2159 2159 2159 2159 2159
W 1022 1022 3066 4088 5110 7154
H 3673 4163 4163 4163 4163 4163
Weight (kg) 1125 1184 2879 3720 4643 6420
Higher filtration efficiency The dust removal filter cartridge has a large air volume and higher filtration efficiency than bag filter and cyclone dust collector. The filter cartridge frame is welded by high-quality steel wire at multiple points, with high strength and long service life.
High-quality box and pipe materials We use the thickest and highest quality materials to make the dust collector shell and pipes, which can withstand high temperature, corrosion and wear to the greatest extent, and use the new technology of pull-out rivets to install, which increases the strength and ensures the quality.
Energy saving, low maintenance cost Cartridge collectors require less energy to operate than other types of dust collectors, and because there are fewer moving parts, replacements are less frequent, helping to reduce operating costs and energy consumption.
Flexible combination, saving space The design of the cartridge dust collector is more compact than other types of dust collectors, which is very suitable for facilities with limited space. It can also be designed according to user needs or site conditions, with single chamber, double chamber or multi-chamber to meet the needs of different industries and scenarios.

Widely used in metallurgy, coking, refractory materials, mining, machinery, cement building materials, chemicals, glass ceramics, pesticides, electronics and other industrial and mining industries.
It is used for dust removal and purification of metal chips with large specific gravity, foundry sand, dust with large specific gravity of medium, and non-fibrous industrial dust.
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