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Industrial air filter
dust collector filter
Air Filter
dust removal filter cartridge
air filter supplier
Industrial air filter
dust collector filter
Air Filter
dust removal filter cartridge
air filter supplier

Air Filter Cartridge 6*43*80

End Cover
Filtration material
Polyester cloth
Product Description
The dust filter element is specially designed for industrial dust removal, adapts to all types of powder, and has excellent performance. The filter material is made of high-quality coated polyester non-woven fabric (can be oil-proof, waterproof, anti-static, flame-retardant treatment), polyester long fiber filter paper, glass fiber filter material, etc., using international advanced wide pleated discount technology, uniform gap, ensure 100% effective filtration area and maximum operating efficiency, large filtration area, oil and water resistance, high filtration efficiency, large air volume, high strength and wear resistance, high filtration accuracy, low running resistance, low friction coefficient, and this filter can be repeated washing.
Technical Parameters

It Uses High-quality Filter Material Production With High Filtration Efficiency , Reasonable Structure Design,Easy To Clean Dust. It Could Separate Of The Dust In The Air, Reduce Environmental Pollution. It Has High Collection Efficiency, Easy Cleaning, Large Filtration Area And So On Merits.

Injection end caps are bonded by polymer glue, no degumming, and anti-back blow
High-density polyester fiber filter paper, durable and breathable, high filtration efficiency
Unique elastic pleating technology, the formed filter material has uniform gaps, fluffy and tension, large three-dimensional porosity, large air permeability, low resistance
The outer protective layer is supported by a thickened diamond mesh, with a porosity of 78%, smooth surface and no wear to the filter material

Application areas
Sand blasting, sanding and rust removal, painting and spray painting, metal smelting, industrial dust collectors, cement, steel mills, thermal power, air conditioning, metallurgical casting, batteries, packaging, carbon black dust, powder industry, rubber powder, glass, chemical industry, static electricity industry, welding fume, container, shipbuilding, abrasive granulation, sand absorption, air compression station, aluminum plant, material transportation, steel plate pretreatment, dust removal on the roof of the warehouse, etc.
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