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Precision filter
Compressed air filter
Hiross filter
Hiross 120Q 120P 120S
Precision filter
Compressed air filter
Hiross filter
Hiross 120Q 120P 120S

LFA-160PF AO AX Filter Element

Product Description
Precision filter element is applied to remove oil, moisture, dust particles, prevent the compressed air line caustic sludge, at the same time with good permeability, high strength frame, reduce the resistance caused by pipeline, high efficiency, good permeability and air tightness, resistant to corrosion.

Mainly engaged in production of import substitution products are: the United States Henderson precision filter, Ross sea precision filter, the United States parker precision filter, German ultrafiltration precision filter, British dominick precision filter, Germany first of precision filter, Italy BEA precision filter, Sweden atlas precision filter, Japan SMC precision filter, the Japanese better filtration precision filter, Upton da precision filter, etc., at the same time, we also accept special types of custom service.

Technical Parameters
Hiross/Hankison/ Domnick hunter replacement filter
Model Nm³/min   Grade μm ppm
*001 0.70   Q 5.00 5.000
*015 1.50   P 1.00 1.000
*024 1.50   S 0.01 0.010
*035 3.50   C 0.01(activated carbon) 0.003
*060 6.00        
*120 12.00        
*150 15.00        
Nm³/min E1 E3 E5 E7 E9
0.57 E1-12 E3-12 E5-12 E7-12 E9-12
1.00 E1-16 E3-16 E5-16 E7-16 E9-16
2.90 E1-24 E3-24 E5-24 E7-24 E9-24
4.90 E1-28 E3-28 E5-28 E7-28 E9-28
7.20 E1-32 E3-32 E5-32 E7-32 E9-32
11.00 E1-36 E3-36 E5-36 E7-36 E9-36
14.00 E1-40 E3-40 E5-40 E7-40 E9-40
18.00 E1-44 E3-44 E5-44 E5-44 E9-44
22.00 E1-48 E3-48 E5-48 E7-48 E9-48
Model number Nm³/mn Grade MICRON ppm
K009 0.50 RF 25.00  
K017 1.00 AO 1.00 1.000
K030 3.60 AA 0.01 0.010
K145 4.80 AX 0.01 0.001
K220 7.20 ACS 0.01 0.001
K330 12.00 AR 1  
K430 25.8 AAR 0.01  
K620 37.00      


high strength frame,reduce the resistance caused by pipeline
High filtration efficiency
good permeability and air tightness
resistant to corrosion

Product Photograph
Air inline filter OEM series:
ABAC,AFE,ALUP,ATLAS COPCO,BEA,BEKO,CKD,BOGE,COMPAIR,Creyssensac,DELTECH,Domnick Hunter,Finite,Fusheng,GardnerDenver,GrassAir,Hankison,Hiross,Hitema,IngersollRand,Kaeser,MTA,Orion,
Parker,SMC,Sullair,Technolab,Ultrafilter,Donaldson,Walker,Zander,AIR TAK,AIR TEK,AIR

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