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2023 Mid-Year Summary Meeting

Jul 11, 2023
Half of 2023 has passed. In order to summarize the work in the first half of the year and establish the goals and directions for the second half of the year, our company held a mid-year summary meeting of the sales department on July 8.

At the meeting, members of each department reported on their work in the first half of the year, summed up the shortcomings and the direction of efforts, and the general manager also rewarded the departments with outstanding performance.

After the meeting, everyone played games together. The wet water added a touch of coolness to the scorching summer, which not only brought joy, but also increased the cohesion among employees.

In the evening, the sumptuous dishes filled the hunger caused by the busy afternoon. We also gave surprises and gifts to the birthday friends of this month, and finally ended the activity with singing and laughter at karaoke.
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